My Holiday- Personal Narrative Essays

My Holiday- Personal Narrative Essays

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My Holiday- Personal Narrative

This was the boarding day itself, the day which I had been dreading
for weeks but also ecstatic about. The day started early for me,
getting up at four in the morning due to the fact that I couldn’t
sleep that night. I felt mixed emotions as I was lying in bed, I was
extremely excited for my vacation to Hong Kong since it was going to
be my first ever holiday abroad. The fact that I would be flying on an
aeroplane as well also made me feel petrified. The thought of around
60 people on an aircraft approximately 8,000 metres above sea level,
on a plane that could catch on fire at any moment was absolutely
terrifying and I was also told by my parents that the flight would be
just about 13 hours, would be absolute torture for anyone who it was
going to be their first flight on a plane itself.

As I had expected I was the first person to wake up in my family,
which consisted of two sisters, my brother and of course my mum and
dad. I felt incredibly gloomy as it was still pitch black outside and
was drizzling lightly. I also felt lifeless since I didn’t sleep even
for a second all night.

My trip was going to be with my mum because she was going to take care
of me as my dad says I am too young to go on a trip by myself in a
country where I had not even been to in my life. My mum knew the
places that I would enjoy visiting and shopping as she grew up in Hong
Kong, she only moved here to London due to the fact that her dad,
which is my granddad, was working here when my grandma died.

Later on in the day the time had come for me to say goodbye to my
family and call my friends to say I was leaving, I wa...

... middle of paper ...

...their cars as they waited to


I was truly impressed with the gigantic skyscrapers which towered over
me. After walking a few minutes, it began to drizzle. We hurried over
to the nearest shelter which was an alleyway; a small signs printing "THEIVES
ABOUT" alerted my attention. From the glamorous streets of Hong Kong,
we found our self at the other side.

“Do you have any spare change please?” a crippled old man asked, a
tear soon appeared in my eye, how could anyone live here in such
unhygienic conditions when the other side of the city was the total
opposite. The stench of urine passed through the air and we quickly
made our way back.

We then checked into a five star hotel, I was knackered! I changed
into my pajamas and I dreamt of what a magnificent day I had and many
more days to come.

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