Legal Aspects of Supply Chain Management Essay

Legal Aspects of Supply Chain Management Essay

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Legal Aspects of Supply Chain Management

Internet has definitively changed the relationships of the company
with the different business partners of the supply chain.
E-Commerce/E-Business is any ‘net’ business activity that transforms
internal and external relationship to create values and exploit market
opportunities driven new rules of the connected economy.”(Damanpour
2001). It refers to all forms of business activities conducted across
the internet. This can include E-tailing, B2B, intranets and
extranets, online advertising (e.g. advertising banners), and simply
online presences of any form that are used for some type of
communication (customer service for example). With internet the
commerce does not have limits or borders and the e-businesses are
negotiated in ‘virtual shopping males’ and ‘board rooms’.

This paper deals with the legal issue of the e-commerce in the
European Union (EU) notably the contract law applied to the internet.
How to constitute a traditional contract via internet without concrete
negotiation and face-to-face? How to insure the respect of the
procedure and the terms of the contract on-line? Then I analysed the
fact that this issue is controversial but also current and how it
affects the Supply Chain.

The main issue of the e-commerce is contract law applied to internet
in the EU supported by the EU Directives 2000/EC. In 2000, “EU
attempted to construct a basic framework for the future regulation of
e-commerce” (Pappas 2003). The goal of this directive is to develop
the internal market in the EU and harmonize the e-commerce by creating
common laws defining the terms of contract at least for those ...

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