Essay on Film Analysis of The Matrix

Essay on Film Analysis of The Matrix

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Film Analysis of The Matrix
The Matrix is a movie about computers taking over the world and how
one man changes everything.

The opening shot is a shot of computer generated pixels, next there is
a reverse zoom shot which reveals the word ‘searching’. A computer
sound is then played, which sounds like something is downloading. The
reverse shot is than cut, which shows Keanu Reeves, known as Neo,
lying down on his head, looking pale whilst listening to music. The
shot then cuts back to the computer which shows a picture of one of
the main characters, Morpheus, that we will later see. Next to the
picture there is writing saying ‘Wanted fugitive’. The camera cuts to
the back of Neo’s head and on his headphones there is an advertisement
for Panasonic. Next there is a high angle circular shot of Neo’s room
revealing computer paraphernalia. This informs the audience that this
character is a computer ‘nerd’. We generally think people that use
computers a lot are weak, ill, ‘a nerd’, uninteresting and have a
boring life. A down shot makes him look vulnerable. There is a close
up shot of the back of Neo’s head showing the computer which
reinforces that Morpheus is a fugitive. The computer then goes blank
in the same shot and green text begins typing itself, showing us that
the computer is in control of its actions and encourages a sense of

There is an extreme close up shot of Neo’s face as if he is disturbed;
this shot shows viewers exactly what the character is feeling. He then
looks at the computer; camera cuts to a point of view shot and the
computer says ‘Wake up Neo’. He looks bewildered and this infor...

... middle of paper ...


The second time the door is open he is more confident opening it
fully. Allowing an angle shot showing us five weirdly dressed people.
The person Neo speaks to says ‘you don’t exist’ which is a key feature
in the movie, Neo also believes he doesn’t exist, this is what ‘The
Matrix’ is all about. The man then says ‘You look white’ which is
pointing out he has a boring life and is in his room all the time and
gets no daylight.

A camera shot over Neo’s head, pointing down enforces he is weaker
then the five people. The camera then cuts to a point of view shot
which shows Neo seeing the white rabbit on the girl’s back. The camera
then zooms into Neo’s face because the computer had already said to
him ‘follow the white rabbit’. To end the scene there is ‘tinkling’
music which is high pitched signifying realisation.

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