The United States and the Beginning of the Cold War Essay

The United States and the Beginning of the Cold War Essay

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The United States and the Beginning of the Cold War

a) There were three cracks evident between the US-Soviet relationship.
America and Russia argued about the opening of a second front against
Germany. Stalin’s plans where that America and Britain invade western
Europe so the Russian Red Army gets stronger and pressure on them is
relieved. Roosevelt promised a second front by the time of 1942, but
the delay of plans for an Anglo-American invasion of German-occupied
France angered Stalin because his plans to make his Army Stronger are
not going to be easily fulfilled since the western countries would
still be powerful. The invasion of France was delayed until D-Day
which angered Stalin. Instead, Britain and America positioned their
armies in Italy and North Africa.

Another crack was that Stalin feared that America and Britain would
make a pact with Germany and unite to form something like an alliance
against Russia since the three of them were all anti communist. The
third crack between the US-Soviet relationship was that when the US
scientist started developing the atomic bomb, Roosevelt decided to
tell Canada and Britain about it but to hide it from Russia. But
Stalin still knew about this atomic bomb project since he sent Soviet
spies to infiltrate the team of American scientists.

b) The shared post war objectives were peace aims. Roosevelt and
Stalin shared some post war objectives. For example, both agreed that
it is important to limit the power of the Germans, and accomplish
German disarmament and demilitarisation by military occupation. The US
and Soviet Union had agreed to divide and occupy Germany among the
winners. ...

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...against Japan.

n) The Yalta conference divided Germany into four zones which where
the British zone, the US zone, the French and the Soviet zone. Germany
was concerned by the two features added at Potsdam. These were that
first of all, it was agreed that each occupying power would be allowed
to take compensation from its own zone. This was supposed to be
compensation for financial losses, human and material during the war
against Germany. The starting point of reparations the Russians would
receive was agreed at Yalta and was a sum of 10 billion dollars. The
second concern was that the occupying powers agreed to treat the four
zones of occupation which where the British, Soviet, US and French
occupation zones, as a single economic are. This means that all goods
were supposed to be traded freely throughout all zones.

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