Comparing the Persuasive Techniques Used in Two Charity Fundraising Advertisements

Comparing the Persuasive Techniques Used in Two Charity Fundraising Advertisements

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Comparing the Persuasive Techniques Used in Two Charity Fundraising Advertisements

The hardest thing for any charity is to raise money. There is only one
way to do this, that is to persuade people to part with their money
and donate it to a good cause. The “ Bhopal Medical Appeal” and “Save
The Children” advertisements are two examples of this.

Both of these advertisements come from “ The Observer” a broadsheet
newspaper. Consequently it is assumed that the target audience is
those of a higher education and people who more likely to actually
read the advertisement.

In both of the advertisements they use very different persuasive
techniques. It is easy to see how the two advertisements, both need
and want the same thing: the readers’ help. However, in many various
ways, it is clear that the “Save The Children” advertisement and the “Bhopal
Medical Appeal” advertisement have distinct ways of reaching out for
the readers attention and support.

First of all “ Just 10p a day” is used throughout the ‘Save The
Children’ advertisement. This sticks in the reader’s mind and makes
them remember the words “Just 10p a day”, then makes the reader think
what their “10p a day” could do to help save children’s lives. The “Bhopal
Medical Appeal” advertisement does not use as much repetition as the
“Save The Children” advertisement, however it does show the use of
some repetition. Such as “That night,” words such as these stick in
the reader’s mind and make them remember what happened “That night”,
then think about how they can help the people recover from the pain of
“That night”. This also shows the use of short sentences making the “

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your point, people are less likely to read a story that may be
touching, only to find that the advertisement wants their money. On
the other hand the ‘Save The Children’ advertisement does have some
long written text in parts. The advertisement, however, is straight to
the point, it immediately informs the reader of what they would like,
letting the reader know what to expect, therefore the reader knows
that if they continue to read their help will be needed.

The ‘Save The Children’ advertisement uses media features much more
successfully than ‘Bhopal Medical Appeal.’ Emotive images are used
showing numerous close ups of children’s faces. ‘Save The Children’
itself suggests that the children are in danger and that your
contribution can help.

Therefore, the ‘Save The Children’ advertisement is more effective.

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