Essay Why the Site for Quarry Bank Mill was Chosen by Samuel Greg

Essay Why the Site for Quarry Bank Mill was Chosen by Samuel Greg

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Why the Site for Quarry Bank Mill was Chosen by Samuel Greg

After years of experience in textile manufacturing, and a lucky boost
of confidence due to finance, in 1783, Samuel Greg made several
journeys into the countryside around Manchester searching for a
suitable site where he might build a new mill. The site at Styal
seemed ideal to accomplish its sole purpose; to make profit. The aim
of this essay is to investigate all the factors Greg considered whilst
selecting the site, in the hope that we can then find out why he chose
to build the mill there, why he chose to build at time and why he
built a mill at all. It is important to investigate all the aspects in
detail so we can then have a clear understanding of his success.
Issues include his upbringing, geography, finance and luck. If we
delve deep into all the information and research, these factors link
together to make a strong conclusion.

Samuel Greg had an advantage over other manufacturers, however, he may
not have realised it at the time. Greg was born in 1758, the third son
of a Belfast merchant and ship owner. Although generally successful in
his business ventures, Thomas Greg often endured periods of financial
difficulty, which then caused Samuel and his 12 other siblings to
suffer. In 1766 when he was 8 years old, Robert Hyde, Samuel Greg’s
uncle, who was childless, offered to adopt his nephew. Thomas Greg
readily accepted. This was a significant event in the story of Quarry
Bank Mill because Robert Hyde himself owned a merchant manufacturing
business in Manchester, dealing primarily in fustian, a cloth produced
using both linen and cotton. Nearly 30% of the cotton spi...

... middle of paper ...

... never had got the experience with money and business if Nathaniel was
well enough to do it himself. His marriage also brought him luck, as
without her he wouldn’t have the money available to pay for the
adaptations. Finally timing helped Greg a lot, i.e: the end of the US
War of Independence and all these lucky factors being present at the
same time.

In conclusion, I think Samuel Greg chose this site because luck was on
his side and all the factors made it too good an opportunity to miss.
However I think his upbringing and financial status were most
important. If Greg was not brought up in the textile industry he may
have never got involved or interested in the trade. Also, without his
financial stability brought on from his inheritance and marriage, he
may never have had the confidence to go ahead with his plans.

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