Essay about The Birth Right Program

Essay about The Birth Right Program

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As a Jewish student there is a program available to go to Israel for a
summer, if you have never been before and experience it first hand.
It is called the “Birth Right Program.” The trip is free, the only
thing you have to pay for is the round trip plane ticket and any
souvenirs you may buy. While you are there with the other students
just like yourself, you experience different places like the Wailing
Wall and the city of Jerusalem, as well as different Israeli holidays
including Shabbat every Friday night. I have contemplated going on
the Birth Right trip for a few years now. To have the chance to
experience first hand a culture that I really only know through
stories and history books would be remarkable. It dawned on me that
before I make my final decision on attending the trip or not, it would
be smart to look up more information about the Israeli culture as well
as their lifestyle. As I explore the four different categories of
Hofstede’s scale I can start to point out the similarities and
differences in the cultures of Israel and the United States.

While the United States is the most individualistic country in the
world, Israel is a cross between individualistic and collectivist
(Lustig, 118). At the age of sixteen, Israeli’s are considered
independent and are allowed to basically have anything they want.
This idea is to encourage them to believe in themselves and make them
see that they can have anything they strive for (Gibson). That same
concept is very common in America; you can achieve the world if you
just work hard enough. Though Israeli’s can achieve anything, they
are still defined by their religion. Fa...

... middle of paper ...

... 45

Masculine/ Feminine:
63 -16

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