Pressure Groups Being Good for Democracy Essay example

Pressure Groups Being Good for Democracy Essay example

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Pressure Groups Being Good for Democracy

Pressure groups are organisations whose members share common interests
and seek to influence governments. They can be classified in several
different ways but the most important distinction is between insider
and outsider groups. They are organisations that want to change policy
but do not want to become the government. They focus on particular
issues or areas of concern and can become involved in policy making by
organising campaigns, sending letters, organising demonstrations and
signing petitions. People join pressure groups to show their support
for a particular issue and to join with other like-minded people in
trying to influence our politicians. Some people feel working in a
group like this means they have a louder voice in getting their
message across. There are many positive and negative factors of
pressure groups on a democracy.

Positive factors of pressure groups are they are effective channels of
communication between the people and the government, the groups
provide detailed and valuable information on areas of economic and
social activity and so help the government towards making better
decisions. They will listen to the views of different people and can
make a decision about what the general feeling is on the topic in
question. These pressure groups will then present their argument to
the government in a way that they think is suitable and which will get
the message across of the people’s feelings. An example of the
channelling of communication between the people and the government
would be the anti- war in Iraq protests. Although the government still
decided to go through ...

... middle of paper ...

... the British union leaders until the reforms of the

Another negative factor Is not all sections of the community are
represented equally. The influence groups can exercise depends on the
resources at their disposal and the relationships they can construct
with governments. This can lead to governments only listening to
larger pressure groups in favour of the smaller groups.

Some campaigners use money and other methods to influence elected
representatives activists may turn to illegal militant direct
action to get their own way. An example is the animal rights activists
who may use violence to scare people into making a decision in their

Insider groups are too active behind the scenes and may influence
civil servants in their discussions. An example of this is the British
medical asociation.

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