The Ending of White Minority and Nelson Mandela Essays

The Ending of White Minority and Nelson Mandela Essays

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The Ending of White Minority and Nelson Mandela

In 1948, the Apartheid system officially started. A Dr. Malan
introduced it. He established the structure of Apartheid because he
exclaimed different races could not live amongst each other in harmony
and needed to live separately. Some might argue it was because he
wanted to secure the supposed superiority of the White minority. It
ended within 50 year of starting.

This essay is going to explain how Nelson Mandela, once just a member
of a small Black tribe in the depth of South Africa, fought Apartheid
to become a worldwide figurehead for non- Whites, the first Black
president of South Africa, in 1994. It will also explain to what
extent his work stretched to end Apartheid and compare his role to
other factors.

Nelson Mandela was born into a Black tribe in South Africa in 1918.
His father was of political importance in the tribe. Mandela received
a quality education. He then moved to Johannesburg, where he studied
law at the university of Witwaterstrand. He earned himself a degree of
law. In 1947, he set up the first Black law firm in South Africa, to
work against Apartheid.

In his youth he felt naturally felt oppressed by Apartheid to such an
extent he went to a protest boycott. Unfortunately he got suspended
from his college for this. Later on in his youth he became secretary
for the African National Congress (ANC for short) youth league. When
on refuge from South Africa he told Europe of Apartheid and spread the
anti- Apartheid word. Mandela also took part in peaceful
anti-Apartheid protests, organised a national day of strike of Black
workers and supported the Freedom ...

... middle of paper ...

...d end Apartheid or
to return to a strict Apartheid regime. As over the years more Whites
sympathised with the non-White majority, de Klerk decided that reform
would appeal to most voters.

De Klerk appears to be one of the strong, main factors in steps to end
Apartheid. Even though it may not have been for the good of humanity,
his selfishness would eventually lead to the end of Apartheid. It was
important as it led to non-Whites having the basic rights.

In my opinion Mandela was only a small factor in the ending of
Apartheid in comparison to other factors.

Although Mandela was a huge success at what he did and influenced
others I think de Klerk put the finishing touches to the ending of
Apartheid. Non-White roles also played a huge part, with the ANC and
OAU. Also Vorster mistakes really added to the success.

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