Essay on My Personal Exercise Plan

Essay on My Personal Exercise Plan

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My Personal Exercise Plan

The sport I will be training for is Golf.

Specific fitness requirements of that activity

Upper and lower body strength: To be able to resist the force of the
golf club and to be able to hit the ball further

Power: To be able to increase length to my shots allowing me to hit
the ball further with more control

Flexibility: To be able to complete a trunk rotation whenever needed
and to turn completely to make a follow though so that the body can
then clear the way for the club, also allows straighter and more
accurate shots.

Balance: To be able to hold the golf swing and follow-through posture
for the amount of time needed for the ball to come to rest, vital
skill but I appreciate the fact that this is very hard to improve.

Co-ordination: To be able to focus on the ball and to get the head of
the golf club on plane and to hit the ball in a striking area, which
is different for all golfers depending on their ability, this is a
vital skill but I also appreciate the fact that this skill is also
very hard to improve.

Muscular Endurance: To be able to last the amount of holes needed to
be played.

Identify your individual needs

My individual needs are to be able to complete the sport in a way that
betters my handicap to do this I will need to improve:

· My upper and abdominal muscle strength as the test data shows that
the strength in the muscle could be improved and therefore help my

· My cardiovascular endurance as the test data shows that this could
be improved but only slightly, I am happy with my bleep test results,
as I have proved that I am fit for my sport. B...

... middle of paper ...

...xibility training

Involves 15 minutes of stretching out muscles like the back
(Latissimus dorsi), neck (Trapizius), upper and lower arms (Triceps,
Biceps and the Forearm) including the shoulder (Deltoid) plus all the
lower body like the legs (Gluteus maximus, Quadriceps, Hamstrings and
the Gastronimius).

Balance training

Involves swinging a weighted golf club whilst standing on two bricks
for 20minutes in sets of 10 swings, with interval rest periods of 30

Swing tuning + Forearm work


Involves 2 sets of 50 swings continuously to finely tune the swing.
The forearm work consists of using a stress ball to strengthen
forearm. 30 squeezes per work out and whilst squeezing must hold for 5

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