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Critical Analysis on The Scream by Edvard Munch

Edvard Munch was born on December 12 1863 in Loten Norway. He moved
to Christiana, and spent most of his childhood there. Both his mother
and his oldest sister suffered from tuberculosis and died before he
reached the age of 14. At 18 he became more serious about his art and
started attending art school. Edvard finally found a release for the
pain he felt from his sister’s death. In 1886 he painted “The Sick
Child”. The painting was so emotionally charged that it received a lot
of criticism from the press and the public. However some of his artist
colleagues began to recognize his talent. The same year another
tragedy struck. His father died in November. Edvard received some
scholarships that allowed him to spend the next few years in Paris.
Although he would return to Norway during the summer, his style was
that of a French Impressionist. In 1892 Munch submitted a series of
paintings into a major Berlin art show. His exhibit was titled “The
Frieze of Life”. This show caused an even larger uproar than his
previous work. Edvard became a celebrity overnight and he painted such
paintings as “the sick child” “the scream” and “vampire”, which showed
his true emotion feelings. Edvard Munch had been through a lot of
trauma, hurt and heartbreak in his life and his art work and painting
helped him to expressive his feelings. I am going to be analysing and
studing the Painting “The Scream”.

Edvard Munch was an Impressionist painter. Expressionism is movement
in the arts during the early part of the 20th century that emphasized
subjective expression of the artist's inner experiences. This may ...

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...e of the loneliest, scariest, and the most amazing place were we can
escape to, and were no one else can know what you are thinking. I have
seen how to symbolise certain things by colours and shapes and how to
give a certain impression and mood. I can see how amazing dreams and
nightmares are because they are not in this world, but they are only
true portraits our ourselves and our lives so anything is possible and
even our darkest and saddest feelings that we bury away inside us can
show and come to life in our dreams. I have learnt to make a
straightforward piece of art turn into an emotional and deep feeling
that every person has different views and feeling about depending on
their own lives. I can now see how this piece of artwork is truly
individual, remarkable and unique as it shows that emotions of a
broken man.

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