The Acts of the Apostles and Religious Intolerance Essay

The Acts of the Apostles and Religious Intolerance Essay

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The Acts of the Apostles and Religious Intolerance The Acts of the Apostles is the geographical and political story of
the development of the Christian Church under the impulse of the Holy
Spirit. Although many of us may think that the issues of sectarianism
are new, the Acts of the Apostles shows clearly religious intolerance
over two thousand years ago. In this respect, it is comparable and
informative for moral life in the twenty-first century. One of the
most influential characters in Acts, who is closely linked to the
issues of sectarianism, is Peter. However, before I look at his role,
the word sectarianism has been defined by Joseph Liechty and Cecelia
Clegg as,

‘a system of attitudes, actions, beliefs and structures … which arises
as a distorted expression of positive, human needs especially for
belonging, identity and the free expression of difference … and is
expressed in destructive patterns of relating’,

The task of saying what sectarianism is, becomes complex because the
system of sectarianism is itself one of extraordinary complexity.
Sectarianism is about what goes on in people’s hearts and minds, and
it is about people’s attitudes to one another, about what they do and
say and the things they leave undone or unsaid. In order to see
sectarianism, this question has to be asked, ‘Do I recognise these
dynamics in any form in my own life’. It is quite obvious that a
better understanding has indeed facilitated movement. When people
think of sectarianism, we mostly relate it too its raw or violent
expressions in, for e...

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