Historical Interpretations of Bloody Sunday Essay

Historical Interpretations of Bloody Sunday Essay

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Historical Interpretations of Bloody Sunday

There are lots of different views on Bloody Sunday about what actually
happened on the 30th of January 1972. The arguments are all down to
who shot first, the British Army or the IRA. The result of the
shooting was that thirteen innocent people were killed. An inquiry was
carried out by Lord Widgery, he criticised the shooting by the troops
but the report accepted that the army was fired upon. This report did
not please everyone and people thought that it was a cover up of what
really happened. Twenty six years later in 1998 a new inquiry was
announced by Prime Minister Tony Blair. The inquiry looks at both
sides of what happened and is interviewing everyone who was involved
in the event and to uncover the truth on what happened on the 30th
January 1972 known as Bloody Sunday.

Source A is a newspaper article from The Daily Mail printed on Friday
17th September 1999. The article is written by Paul Eastham who is the
Deputy Political Editor. Paul Eastham writes about what has been
happening in the inquiry and some of the problems which have come up.
The new inquiries on the events of the Bloody Sunday shootings are
being investigated by Lord Saville. The former Paratroopers and their
supporters were annoyed when a new forensic report was released. The
paratroopers believe that the report would change the public opinion
against them and even end up with people being put on trial. The
report was greeted with triumph from the Nationalist politicians and
the families who have longed for a new investigation. The Nationalists
wanted a new investigation because it was their fellow citizens who

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...unday had just happened. People may argue that medical science has
improved so that they can look at the pictures which were taken and
have a clearer idea about what happened than the scientists at the
time. Now that the event was twenty to thirty years ago it is harder
to find new evidence and to make a conclusion there are always people
saying that it is wrong and some evidence contradicts another piece of
evidence, so it is hard to find out which one is right. Some of the
evidence could be bias for example a Paratrooper wouldn’t say that he
didn’t see anyone with a gun, and he just shot innocent people. Also
any Irish witnesses at the time would likely be supportive of the IRA
because they were Catholics and would likely be supportive of the
IRA’s cause and so wouldn’t want to support the claims of British

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