Essay on Analysis of Halloween Film Trailer

Essay on Analysis of Halloween Film Trailer

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Analysis of Halloween Film Trailer

I have decided to look at a trailer that was filmed in 1978 called
Halloween directed by John Carpenter. The purpose of the trailer is to
tease the audience into wanting to see the film but also to identify
genre through conventions and create opinions in the audiences mind.
The genre of my trailer is cross generic horror; appealing to a wide
target audience. The horror genre is represented through the scenes
involving blood and violence.

Conventions of the trailer include the length, use of settings,
characters, music, sound effects, and colours. The settings of an
isolated house, in the dark on Halloween night are conventional of the
horror genre as they are representations of vulnerability for victims.
The music, which runs all the way throughout the trailer, is
conventional of the horror genre as well, as it has a quick pace and
contains both high pitch and low pitch sound. This music has since
become very recognisable of the film because of its repetitious manner
and fast cold melody; the pace of the music adds to the tension of the
trailer and represents the genre.

The ‘Toderov’ theory is shown through the effect of evil verves
innocence. This theory is put into practise in the title sequences,
which feature at three different times in the trailer, as a red font
is used on a black background. Furthermore this use of the red font is
also conventional for a horror genre as it represents blood and
therefore violence in the film.

The trailer does not show the sequence of event chronologically, but
instead uses a method of a changing pace. It introduces a character or
the narrator to r...

... middle of paper ...

... doctor is talking; this is to create equality
again between the subject and audience, creating tension. They also
use a close up on the victim’s faces; this is to show their expression
to the audience creating tension and fear. The use of a long shot,
establishes setting, and a sense of time and place for the audience.
The use of pan also shows the distance between the villain and the
victim in one scene. When focusing on the villain they use a high
angle shot showing his superiority and use a fixed frame to focus on
him. When focusing on the victims they use a low angle shot, this
establishes their vulnerability in the situation.

The use of screaming and crying are effective as well as they indicate
fear, as we see in the trailer at the very end when the desperate
damsel in distress it running away from the killer.

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