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How Exercise Affects Your Heart Rate Essays

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How Exercise Affects Your Heart Rate

The heart rate of a human varies from 150 beats per minute in young
children, to about 60 in the aged. However, I am not interested in the
differing rates between the aged and young, I intend to investigate
whether doing exercise may alter the rate or ones heart rate

Things that we could change in the experiment that could change the
heart rate are:

* Type of exercise

* Speed of exercise

* Distance travelled during exercise

* Time for exercise

* The time I wait before I take my heart rate after an exercise

In my investigation the…

…independent variable is the type of exercise, speed of exercise and
time for exercise.

…the dependant variable is the number of heart beats in a minute

…the control variables are the time I wait before I take my heart rate
after an exercise and the distance travelled during exercise.

I will vary the type of exercise between walking, jogging and running
so I’m basically just going to be changing the speed and when speed is
changed the time taken to travel a certain distance naturally changes
as well.

I will count my heart beat straight after an exercise for one minute.
I will know when time has reached 1 minute because I will use an
electronic stopwatch.


... middle of paper ...


If I were doing this experiment again I would have to look closely at
the method of exercise I used. I think that exercising on a piece of
equipment like a running machine would produce more accurate results
because I would be able to guarantee that the exercise remained
constant throughout this experiment.

Finally, an actual ‘pulse-meter’ might have helped the experiment to
be more accurate. This is simply strapped round the chest of the
exercise and it measures your current heart rate. I believe that this
would produce a more accurate heart rate.

If I were to extend my experiment I could try different exercises such
as star jumps and step ups at different paces to see if this has
similar results.

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