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Crime Victim Research Essay

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Crime Victim Research


The passing of public law 105-301, “Crime Victims with Disabilities
Awareness Act”, in 1998 directly led to research on the details of
crime victims with disabilities. That research was to be included in
the Bureau of Justice Statistics in its annual National Crime Victims
Survey. However, the research resulted in its own publication: “Crime
Victims with Developmental Disabilities: Report of a Workshop.” It was
written by the Committee on Law and Justice in the Commission on
Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education of the National Research
Council. There was no study done, but a group of researchers,
specialists, and advocates came together to analyze existing data and
the extent of the problem.

The results of the workshop by the National Academy of Sciences
emerged in 1999 with the Crime Victims with developmental
Disabilities: Report of a Workshop by the committee on Law and
In the following pages, there will be an analysis of the social
problem (crime victims with disabilities) which led to the policy
enactment. In that section there will be an explanation of how other
research policies were developed and their success in solving and
understanding problems. In a later section, the goals, implementation
and provisions of the legislation will be explained. Finally, there
will be an explanation of how Public Law 105-301 is consistent with
the values of social workers.

History of Crime Victim Research

The history of criminal statistics begins in 1880 (Robinson). There
were statistics prior to that time called “statistics of crime” that
were collected in the 1850, ...

... middle of paper ...

believe, and encourage justice, a victim with developmental
disabilities may not understand that. If knowledge is power, knowing
how to deal with these situations will empower the first-response
workers to empower the victims they serve.

Table of Contents

1. Part I: Introduction 1

2. Part I: History of Crime Victim Research 2

3. Part II: Policy Description 7

4. Part III: Policy Analysis 9

5. Part III: Political Feasibility 9

6. Part III: Administrative Feasibility 9

7. Part III: Question 1 & 2 10

8. Part III: Question 3 11

9. Part III: Question 4 12

10. References

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