Essay on IVF Surrogacy

Essay on IVF Surrogacy

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IVF Surrogacy

Section 3, of the Surrogate Parenthood Act QLD (1988) states that all
forms of surrogacy, altruistic or commercial, are illegal in
Queensland as is advertising for both the need of a surrogate and
wanting to become one. ( This
report will take the view that IVF surrogacy should be legalised in
Queensland or made negotiable for couples in certain situations.

IVF surrogacy is when, the embryo created using the sperm and ovum of
a couple is implanted in the uterus of the surrogate mother, this
method is relatively new and is technically possible through the in
virto fertilisation program and in this case the baby is of no
relation to the surrogate. ( A
major issue frequently brought up favouring surrogacy in Queensland is
that it is legal just over the border. The two procedures in which
surrogacy can take place are natural surrogacy and IVF surrogacy. Both
procedures have caused moral, ethical, legal and social arguments and
as a result all states in Australia have ruled their own different
laws about surrogacy.

IVF surrogacy is seen by some to be a wonderful thing to do for
someone; many however frown upon natural surrogacy. The Better Health
Channel defines Natural surrogacy when the male partner of an
infertile couple impregnates the surrogate mother by mean of natural
or artificial insemination. The surrogate mother then gives the
custody of the child to the couple at birth. (
This type of surrogacy leaves the social mother, the mother the child
is handed over to at birth, of not relation to the child. ...

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