Keats' Attitude Toward Art Revealed in His Poetry Essays

Keats' Attitude Toward Art Revealed in His Poetry Essays

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Keats' Attitude Toward Art Revealed in His Poetry

In order to be able to comprehend John Keats attitude toward art it is
highly important to be aware of what he considers art to be. If it’s
true art, it is certainly very beautiful and not heading toward
becoming any worse in the future since “a thing of beauty is a joy for
ever” ( Endymion: A poetic Romance). Art is simply frozen in time.
However, a piece of art can not be taken as wonderful unless it has
been adored by numerous people over a very long period of time. Since
Keats tends to be focused on images, pictures and symbols he pays most
of his attention to paintings, architecture or sculptures. Basically,
he obviously prefers stable physical art he can sense with his eyes
and hands rather than music or dance that simply disappear after the
performance is over. According to what he claims in the poems, true
art can be definitely beneficial to humankind in various ways; it can
also make truly devoted and talented artists very famous. With his
extensive vocabulary and distinctive literary features, John Keats
underlines the facts that art is valuable, oxymoronic, eternal in its
beauty and simultaneously limited because of its timelessness.
Moreover, to show his love and respect toward art, Keats always tries
to use number of images in his poems, which creates a unique

Art’s role is not only to please us and make our lives more enjoyable,
but also to make us think, since beauty is thought provoking, and
engages our imagination. It can only expose its genuine beauty and you
as an observer and admirer need to make use of your imagination and
try to find out what it ...

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...n poems. For example in the poem “On first looking into Chapman’s
Homer” where he compares reading Homer to discovering Pacific, you as
a reader can actually imagine and understand the way he felt.

Art plays an important role in John Keats’ poetry. In his early stage
of writing (around 1817) he tends to consider art as being simply
overwhelmingly beautiful without any complications, for example in his
poem “From Edymion: A poetic Romance” As time goes on he starts to
realise that art is not that simple it seemed to be and that it’s
actually not completely pure but oxymoronic, as he has described in
the poem “Ode on a Grecian Urn” But through out his whole writing
period, which was unfortunately very short due to his sudden death, he
remains very passionate about art and never stops using loads of
images in his poems.

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