Essay on The Problems of Living in a Newly Set Up Town

Essay on The Problems of Living in a Newly Set Up Town

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The Problems of Living in a Newly Set Up Town

Living in the west was difficult. People were faced with a different
problem each day, which made it difficult to set up home there. People
setting up home in the new towns were literally stating from scratch,
there was nothing there to start with. The areas that were allocated
to build a town upon were totally secluded, other cities and towns
were a long distance away. This could be the cause of many problems
that I will describe in this answer.

For starters the in the west there was public domain, which meant that
everybody had the right to settle anywhere this caused competition and
confrontations amongst civilians, but looking beyond this when the
towns were set up people were faced with more problems.

Health was an important matter and people soon began to realize there
were few resources. There were a lot of diseases around and with
families living in compact communities there was a high risk of
infection. For example Smallpox, which left many men infertile and
many women less able to carry their unborn children in the newly set
up towns there was a lack of medical facilities (e.g.: Hospitals and
doctors), so if people were ill they would have to travel long
distances to find the help they needed (this is mentioned in the
introduction), this is another spin-off from the fact the towns were

Not only were there a small number of medical facilities there were no
schools meaning children would not be educated, this was until the
women started to teach and effectively, start up their own schools.

There was also an insufficient quantity of resources.

Firstly, su...

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An example of all the problems described above would be mining towns.
Mining towns were rough and competitive environments.

In 1849 gold was discovered in the west this led to a movement better
known as the Gold Rush. A process of mass immigration took place
resulting in many people flocking to the west of America. To cater for
this change new houses had to be built, quickly, and because they had
to be built quickly and as cheap as possible they were of poor

Not many people found gold in fact only a few did and these people
would therefore be classed as unemployed (as above). This resulted in
people becoming depressed, and would therefore go out drinking which
lead to violence.

Because of the Gold rush, and because many of the immigrants being
male, lead to gender imbalance.

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