Salt Late City Law History

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Salt Late City Law History Salt Lake City looks like a very large well-organised city, there are fair house allotments and they were quite large. The city is a good strong planned community with lots of residential areas. The way the city is set out it is obvious that a strong leader who knew what he wanted has planned the city and shows through the city that it is very disciplined. There may have been school their as well which would have proven what a well-organised city this is. There are a few large churches, which tells us that this city is prosperous and religious. In early mining towns there were many problems within the community, this was mainly caused by a group called “the roughs” this group was the cause for lots of thefts and murders. The law-abiding miners of these towns were not a community and were just trying to protect themselves instead of working with each other in the community. This meant the “good people” were not organised and not really a community just a load of individuals in a town. This made this easier for “the roughs” to target people and steal from them or worse murder them. “The Roughs” also had a leader in Henry Plummer who organised the roughs and also, because the government was too far away, got elected sheriff. There were reasons for the crime wave though as everybody had a rifle so this made conflicts escalate into murders. There was also the gold fever in which everybody wanted gold and there was a lot to be mined and people who had found a spot rich in gold he often got murdered for it. The good people also did not know each other as the people in these towns were from all over the world, and... ... middle of paper ... own hands, this proves settlers wanted to stop the roughs and wanted law in there lands. When the sheriff at the time Henry Plummer was hung by vigilantes this showed the citizens no longer wanted to stand for the murders, theft and claim jumping. There was just no law in the west as it was a very large area to cover with a small number of lawmen and officials as the government had. It was very difficult to travel around and took a long time to reach parts of the west. The mining and cow towns attracted criminals, as there was a lot of money around and trading done. On the whole I think that it was not the settlers fault that the west was lawless, the evidence of Salt Lake City and Virginia City tells us that not all settlers resulted to chaos, and the vigilantes committee shows that settlers didn’t want crime.
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