The Indigenous Populations of Australia Essay

The Indigenous Populations of Australia Essay

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The Indigenous Populations of Australia In recent years, there has been an apparent growth of the Indigenous
population of Australia driven, in part, by an increasing willingness
on the part of many Australians to acknowledge/assert their
Aboriginality (ABS, 2003). As at 30 June 2001, the Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islanders (ATSI) population of Australia was estimated
to be 458,520, or 2.4 per cent of the total population. Persons
identifying as ‘Aboriginal origin’ comprised about 90 per cent of this
estimated resident Indigenous population; persons of ‘Torres Strait
Islander origins’ comprised 6 per cent, and those with both Aboriginal
and Torres Strait Islander origin comprised 4 percent (ABS & AIHW,

This growth is occurring despite the fact that, by any social
indicator, including education, employment, income, housing and
contact with the justice system (Departmental of Aboriginal Affairs,
2004), Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the most
disadvantaged sub-population in Australia (O’Donoghue, 1992; National
Aboriginal Health Strategy Working Party, 1989).

Non-indigenous Australians have gradually reduced the racist treatment
of indigenous over the 230 years since colonization, as the initial
policy of attempted genocide was replaced by paternalistic control and
then by laissez faire neglect. Much racist treatment is now illegal
though racist attitudes may not have reduced as quickly and continue
to effect many aspects of...

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