Essay on The Different Denominations of Christianity

Essay on The Different Denominations of Christianity

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The Different Denominations of Christianity

It is estimated that there are over 20,000 distinct denominations in
the modern Christian world.

Roman Catholic Church

All Christians who acknowledge and accept the authority of the Pope.
There are Catholic groups which are non- Roman.

The Pope is the head and under are cardinals, archbishops, priests.
There are no separate branches but the church does have ‘orders’ of
monks and nuns.

Catholics emphasize the authority of the Pope, to be one true church.
Also the seven sacraments of which the Mass is the central point. The
Roman Catholic Church believes itself historically and in its
teachings, to be in continuity with the first disciples. The church
holds that’s God’s teachings have been safeguarded and made authentic
by the authority of the Church. This authority is exercised especially
by the bishops of the local churches, who are still in harmony with
the Bishop of Rome. Roman Catholics believe that the Pope is the
successor of Peter, the disciple. The Pope has special authority and
many Roman Catholics believe that he is infallible when he speaks to,
and in the name of, the Church, on questions of faith and morals.
Catholics believe that they can ask the saints in heaven to pray for
them. The saints are thought to be closer to God and therefore their
prayers have special prayers. Catholics also believe in purgatory, an
intermediate phrase or state, in which people who’ve not been terribly
bad or terribly good have to be prepared for heaven. Roman Catholics
honour Mary highly because of her place in God’s plans for the world.

The Orthodox Church

The Orthodox faith...

... middle of paper ...

...tly to the heart of everyone. They have no creed, sacraments,
ordained ministry, ordered services or sacred buildings. In their
services silence is important, with people speaking if they feel moved
to do so.

The Evangelicals

Evangelical Christians are among the fastest growing groups in
Christianity today. The word ‘evangelical’ is defined as ‘certain
Christian churches which believe in the importance of religious
teaching, of faith and studying the Bible, rather than in ceremonies’
and churches or individuals who represent the 2good news with a view
to the conversion of hearers to their faith.

Evangelical Christians stress:

Ÿ The Bible as the inspired word of God

Ÿ The need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through
‘conversion’ and a new birth’

Ÿ Their commitment to convert others.

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