Social Stratification in All Human Societies Essay

Social Stratification in All Human Societies Essay

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Social Stratification in All Human Societies

As Davis and Moore stated, stratification exists in every known human
society, and all share certain functional prerequisites which must be
met if the system is to survive and operate efficiently. Therefore, in
my opinion, yes Social Stratification is an inevitable mechanism in
society because it keeps everything and everyone functioning as it

Imagine a society without classes, were everyone earned the same
amount of money at work, the same amount of land to build a house on,
same importance in society, and the same amount of opportunities as
the other, then that would be what we call the Idealistic Society were
there would be no conflicts or inequalities. It would be the dream
society were everyone is happy to be the same as his neighbor. But we
all know that this is impossible due to many factors and ‘rules’ in
the structure of society itself, were social inequality plays an
important role in the running of said society.

Let’s start with the different types of jobs people in society have.
Jobs are one of the main factors in society which places people in
their own separate class. Although it is difficult, with Davis and
Moore’s theory, to show clearly which positions are functionally
important, for the fact that a position is highly rewarded does not
necessarily mean that it is functionally important. But the wage that
comes with the job clearly states that people deem it important. Davis
and Moore say that a jobs importance can be measured in two ways:
First is the degree to which a position is functionally unique, there
being no other positions that can perform the same ...

... middle of paper ...

...power between groups.

Social-conflict theorists say that rather than helping the society as
a whole, the social stratification only benefits certain groups while
taking away from the left over amounts. The productive system has
brought great disparities in our productive system.

In conclusion I believe that in today’s world structural-functionalism
theory is very curate and seems to be true in our everyday lives. The
media makes it clear to everyone that an education is the only way to
make t into the world. Also I agree with some of the conflict
theorists that say that those people who have power make it up the
social ladder, but in my opinion it is the people themselves who give
these power hungry people the importance and prestige they have, and
people can pull them down just as quickly as they pulled them up.

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