The Reasons for the Hostility Between Austria-Hungary and Serbia During 1878 and 1914

The Reasons for the Hostility Between Austria-Hungary and Serbia During 1878 and 1914

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The Reasons for the Hostility Between Austria-Hungary and Serbia During 1878 and 1914

Between 1878 and 1914, there was generally a lot of hostility in the
Balkans this was mainly due to the weakening Ottoman Empire, this
allowed countries within it to start to fight for independence and the
greater powers surrounding it to try and take over parts of it.

After the Treaty of Berlin, 1878, Austria-Hungary was given the right
to occupy and administer the Ottoman province of Bosnia-Herzegovina.
In 1908, after growing fears of Serbia and Russia becoming stronger,
Austria-Hungary annexed Bosnia-Herzegovina. This angered the Serbs
because they had wanted Bosnia-Herzegovina to be in their control as
the majority of the population were in fact Serbian; they also felt
that by having Bosnia under their control it would be easier to fight
the Habsburgs for control over those parts of the Habsburg Empire that
had a majority population of Serbs. This was one of the main reasons
for hostility between the two countries during this time as it...

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