Essay on The Founding Fathers of Sociology

Essay on The Founding Fathers of Sociology

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The Founding Fathers of Sociology The founding fathers of sociology all happen to be dead white European
men because each one of them sought to explain the changes that took
place around them at different times and stages during the time that
they were alive, even though some of them died before their views were
realized. This change is known as the social change which was brought
about by the revolutions in their respective times.

They all sought to explain and define social life in humans and the
society. The revolution first started in Europe. Just like science,
sociology emerged as part of an important intellectual process in
life. The origin of sociology was brought about by the sweeping change
which was ushered in by the two great revolutions of the eighteenth
and nineteenth century in Europe. This event irreversibly changed the
way of life humans had maintained for thousands of years.

The French revolution of 1789 marked the start of a powerful and
dynamic force which has since spread across the globe and has made a
staple on the modern world. The second great revolution began in the
Britain in the late eighteenth century before merging elsewhere across
Europe. This was seen as the industrial revolution which changed the
way and face of the social world.

All these changes challenged the thinkers of that time to try and
develop a new understanding of both the social and natural world. The
early pioneers of sociology were

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...c career. He was most concerned with the
development of modern capitalism and the ways in which modern society
was different from earlier forms of social organization.

In common with thinkers of his time, he sought to understand the
nature and causes of social change; he was influenced by Marx but was
also critical of some of his views. He saw class conflict as less
significant than Marx. `

He believed that sociology should focus on social action, not
structures; he argued that human motivation and ideas were the forces
behind change. According to him, individuals have the free will to act
and shape their future.

In conclusion the four fathers of sociology all were white European
men because the origin of sociology which resulted from the quest to
provide answers to the burning issues regarding social change.

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