The Filipino Sense of Humor Essay

The Filipino Sense of Humor Essay

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The Filipino Sense of Humor


Erap: Hello, I will like to inquire how long is the flight to San Francisco?

Operator: Just a minute sir…

Erap: Thank you! (klik)

joke is to tell a story or short series of words spoken or
communicated with the intent of being laughed at or found humorous by
the listener or reader. Here is an example:

Everyday in the Philippines (or anywhere in the world where Filipinos
dwell), one can hear different types of jokes. The most fascinating
part of this event is that the types of jokes that get the most
laughter (laughter being the intended human reaction) are political
jokes and jokes about their nation in general.

As a fact, the most recurrent subject of jokes in the Philippines is
none other than the ousted President Estrada himself. Often, one would
hear such jokes from Filipinos coming from the middle class and the
upper class. What usually happens is that a certain group of Filipinos
talk about anything under the sun then one of them thinks of breaking
the boring topic by telling a tale about a man with Elvis-inspired
sideburns Then, the group laughs cheerfully, unmindful of the serious
message the event implies.

In the simple interaction of telling an Erap joke, one must realize
the fundamental grounds why Filipinos seem to be so resilient and
comfortable even when the jokes are on them and even when the topic is
not a laughing matter anymore but a grave impertinence to their

Nonetheless, others should not condemn Filipinos for acting in such an
agreeable manner even if they are supposed to be offended. There of
course, remain a lot of ...

... middle of paper ...

...n ultimate theory.
Filipinos cannot help but be anti-rational. By anti-rational I mean,
viewing the world as something that cannot be curbed. First there was
the case that their lives were controlled by other people
(colonizers). The second was that they learned to tolerate and without
question, endure life’s difficulties. The last is that they hold on to
the notion that a divine being will take care of them. As a
consequence, They became capable of being resilient and aloof when
they are made to be the subjects of jokes.


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Q.C. Philippines, p. 3

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2004 from

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