The Difficulty of the Topic of Death Essay

The Difficulty of the Topic of Death Essay

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The Difficulty of the Topic of Death “Children are no strangers to grief. Even infants and toddlers react
to loss. When younger children are shielded from death, silence does
not take away their pain; it only increases the sense of isolation and
abandonment. As adults we need to understand their concerns, their
fantasies, their image of death. We need to acknowledge their fears
as real -- they are! Above all, we must utilize teachable moments to
talk about death in reaching out to children in this, the most
profound and far-reaching changes of their
lives.” --
Earl. A. Grollman

The topic of death is a very difficult concept to grasp and understand
even for mature adults. It is one of the few words in our language
that is often avoided and shielded from our children. Often times we
as adults are struggling with making sense and accepting what has
happened that the thought of having to explain to our child now about
what has occurred is often shun away by parents and regarded as
unimportant at the moment and as something that can wait for later.
Many parents say, “children are too young to understand. Why burden
them with thoughts they cannot grasp?” (Grollman, 1990). However
what parents do not realize is that their children are surrounded by
the concept of death almost everyday of their lives. Death is
frequently depicted on the television, cartoons an...

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