Investigating How Genre and Narrative are Established in Ocean's Eleven and The Bone Collector

Investigating How Genre and Narrative are Established in Ocean's Eleven and The Bone Collector

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Investigating How Genre and Narrative are Established in Ocean's Eleven and The Bone Collector

In order to examine how genre and narrative is established in two
crime films, we conducted a close textual analysis of Ocean’s Eleven
and The Bone Collector to find out the main conventions. The main
conventions of the crime genre are law enforcers, criminals and action
sequence. There are also other signifers such as criminals and etc.
You can find typical iconography in the crime genre; the most obvious
one is a gun. Other iconography in the crime genre includes police
uniform, badges, gadgets, money.

There have been many notable crime films such as Seven (2000),
Paycheck (2004) and The Godfather (1972). The crime genre has perhaps
been most successful in creating hybrid and sub-genres. There is the
heist genre which include films such as The Italian Job also there is
the prison genre with films such as Shawshank Redemption. As well,
Goodfellas and The Godfather are categorised in the Gangster

Crime is mostly mainstream genre but there are some independent films
such as Knock around Guys (2001) and Layer Cakes (2004). Crime can be
classified as a mainstream genre because of the A-list star that
appears its movie, e.g. Brad Pitt in Seven, and Tom cruise in
Collateral. Another explanation for the genre’s mainstream status is
that studio knew the crime genre was a mainstream genre and produce
them e.g. Collateral was produced by DreamWorks and Paramount. Also
this film have a large appeal of the genre so therefore make sure that
it will attract mainstream audiences. These studios have huge
Hollywood status.


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...hereas The Bone
Collector has a more innovative approach to genre, as the director
uses flashbacks to explain the story.

Ocean’s Eleven is the more successful in introducing genre and
narrative because it had a linear structure, therefore it is less
complicated. Ocean’s eleven had successfully created an engaging and
coherent narrative because it uses conventional yet sympathetic
character e.g. Danny Ocean in Ocean’s Eleven.

Also Ocean’s Eleven was more successful because of the clear
establishment of equilibrium, so the audience knows what is happening
in the storyline. The most effective technique was the crime genre
signifier’s e.g. the gadgets, mobile phone and the prison cell,
whereas The Bone Collector uses the signifers to signify the thriller
genre where as Ocean’s Eleven more signifies the crime genre.

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