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The Simpsons

The Simpson is now arguably the biggest sitcom and animation of TV
history, but what is it that makes it so successful compared to
traditional sitcoms. In order to answer this question, we have to look
at sitcom as a whole; then the difference if any between modern and
traditional sitcoms. Sitcoms when first released were aimed at
families and it tried to show what American should be like. Sitcoms,
are popular for many different reasons; some of these including that
they were episodic in nature therefore you didn’t have to watch them
from the beginning. Also the American had fought in world war two, so
shows like “Leave it to Beaver” showed them what they want. The
producer used varies comic devices to make the audience laugh; these
including visual humour, word play, funny situations and hyperbole.

Traditional Sitcoms used to follow a narrative structure; such as the
father worked and the mother was a housewife. The family was set in a
white sub-urban community “utopias” where the elders were still
respected. The storylines were set around the family which was
middle-class and they were very tight together. Most of the characters
in traditional sitcoms were good, but to stop it being too sugary,
they had one or two bad characters that cause small problems. As world
war two was just over, the American media and government was trying to
maintain the American’s image of freedom and the image of hope. The
Simpsons has some of these characteristics but it does break most of
them. The first difference you see straight away is that the
characters are mostly yellow and this is because it was supposed to
catch the eye of “...

... middle of paper ...

..., “Not MAD.
That's our nation's largest mental illness magazine.” Nelson agrees,
saying, “Tina Brown was just starting to turn it around.”

The Party Posse decides that they need the ultimate “chill out song”
to calm Smash down. 'N Sync arrives with just that song and some
choreography. While the two bands argue over the dance moves, Smash
launches the missiles and destroys MAD. Fragments of the proposed
issue float down. Nelson picks it up and says, “They called me
Smellson.” Homer laughs, “Smellson, it's funny because you smell.”

At the conclusion, the cops arrest Smash, and 'N Sync pilots the
carrier back towards Springfield. 'N Sync notes that although this
week's episode had some fun at the expense of the Navy, the Navy does
do much needed work, like protecting the USA from Godzilla, pirates,
and jellyfish.

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