Roosevelt's Responsibility for His Own Election Victory in 1932 Essay

Roosevelt's Responsibility for His Own Election Victory in 1932 Essay

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Roosevelt's Responsibility for His Own Election Victory in 1932

In the 1932 Presidential election in the USA, Franklin D. Roosevelt
won by an enormous 7 million votes. He was the candidate for the
Democratic Party, and he was running against the Republican President,
Herbert Hoover. Hoover had been President for four years, since 1928.
The extent of Roosevelt’s win was even more surprising as he had not
been the Democrats’ first choice, but a compromise when none of the
other candidates could win enough support. Roosevelt’s landslide
victory was due to both his own actions and to factors outside his
control, because in 1932 the USA was in the depths of depression, and
Americans were blaming Hoover and his government because they were
not taking action to help the people and the economy to recover.
Hoover came across as if he did not care for the people of America.
This helped Roosevelt because although he didn’t outline his proposed
policies in detail, he did promise that he would put an end to the

In this essay I am going to assess whether his actions were
responsible for his victory, or whether it was largely due to factors
outside his control.

America in 1932 was still in the depths of the economic depression
caused by the Wall Street Crash of October 1929. The Wall Street
Crash had been caused by a loss of confidence in the value of the
Stock Market, represented by shares held by Banks, Insurance Companies
and Pension Fund institutions, and rich and middle-class people who
had bought during the boom times after the First World War. This led
to panic selling, and shares lost all their value; Individuals and ...

... middle of paper ...

...merica would not have even considered
Roosevelt, because there would have been no reason to replace
President Hoover with a candidate who did not outline his own policies
exactly. Roosevelt did have a very good campaign which took his
message all over the country, talking to people about their problems,
showing he cared for them, and if he hadn’t done that I don’t think he
would have won by such a large number of votes. The state of America
at the time of the election gave Roosevelt the opportunity to offer
Americans what they wanted, and the country was ripe for change. I
therefore conclude that both Roosevelt’s own actions, and factors
outside of his control led to his win in the 1932 Presidential
Election, but perhaps the greater role was played by the economic
conditions and America’s desire for change at the time.

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