Representation of the Future in Various Films Essay

Representation of the Future in Various Films Essay

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Representation of the Future in Various Films
One of the most important factors or conventions of science fiction
films is that it is always set in a dystopian future, which means the
worst possible future. In the films there is lots of technology and
gadgets, the film look technological because of the grey/silver
filters which give it this look.

Science fiction is usually about fears held in society at the time the
film is released, for example minority report tells us about fears of
violent crime, murder being the most important shown in the film, as
well as drugs.

Science films are popular because they have a lot of technology and
gadgets in that appeal to young people, but also science fiction can
appeal to people in their 20’s and 30’s because they are more
concerned and aware of fears in society.

In metropolis Fritz Lang portrays how he thinks the future would be,
which is that the city is divided into two, upper city for the rich
and lower city for the poor. Upper city is set above ground and lower
city is set underground.

In upper city the buildings are closely packed and very tall, the low
angle shots make them look this big. There is lots of technology for
example planes, cars and trains all to help the rich people, lighting
in upper city is very light and there is gardens that can be used by
them. The characters in upper city wear very thick white make-up to
show they are rich their actions are exaggerated and they wear white
clothing. Because metropolis is a silent film the music is more
important because there is...

... middle of paper ...

...ther technology
is the jet packs, eye scanners and spiders which are all used by the
police. When john anderton is operating the computer the same non
diagetic classical music is played and at the beginning of the film
there is modern dance/hip hop music over images of the pre-cogs after
that there is no music when there is pictures before the family is
murdered, the effect of this is tension building.

The main fear shown in minority report is the fear of violent crime
and systems failing. The most important fear of violent crime shown in
the film is murder.

Both films have portrayed the future to be different. In metropolis
the people are divided into rich and poor and live in separate
places. In minority report the film is divided into the police (who
have control over everyone) and the rest of the people.

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