Essay about Investigating the Causes of Food Poisoning

Essay about Investigating the Causes of Food Poisoning

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Investigating the Causes of Food Poisoning

INTRODUCTION: The purpose of this essay is to investigate and find
out what causes food poisoning, the bacteria’s that causes, the
symptoms, the infections and its prevention’s.

Food poisoning is commonly found in UK. Generally food poisoning
result from contamination of food and the subsequent growth of food
poisoning micro-organise. Food poisoning outbreaks ore often
recognised by the sudden onset of illness within a short period of
time among many individuals who have eaten or drunk one or more foods
in common

The most serious types of food poisoning are due to bacteria. Bacteria
are microscopic organisms that are found everywhere, which is in the
air, soil, water, plant, animals and human body. A variety of bacteria
may cause food poisoning, however some are more common than other in
the UK. The most common are fungi and viruses. The diseases that are
cause by bacteria that enter the body in food can multiply at an
amazing rate when they are provided with warmth and m...

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