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Shadowing Reflection Essay

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Shadowing Reflection

Observing a student’s day was a great experience. It enabled me to
step outside of what I have been preparing for and into the life of
this student. It was an interesting and informing experience. The
day for the student had already begun when I arrived, but I jumped
right into his regular routine. My day with Fred began when I entered
his science class. He was sitting backwards in his seat talking while
the teacher was in the process of beginning her class. The teacher
started asking students to quiet down and start their daily routine.
Some students immediately followed her directions, while others
refused. Fred then loudly asked his fellow classmates if they could
be quiet. The students eventually settled down. The students spent
the day learning about their new research project and watching a
video. Fred seemed to be restless. He kept turning, changing his
position, and the location of his seat. During transitions Fred and
one of his classmates could be seen signing and mimicking various
singers and the dances associated with the music video. Fred was
redirected by the teacher and immediately did what was asked of him.
Five minutes before the end of the class he started to pack up as if
the instructor had officially ended the class. However, a few minutes
later they were given cue to do just that. During this time they were
suppose to remain in their seats until the bell rang. Fred was unable
to follow the directions and he proceeded to stand and walk around the
class, even after being asked to sit until the bell rings.

The bell rung and Fred was gone just that quick. I went out into the

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constant transitions. I think to assist students in behavior
management we must improve on transitioning between various tasks.
This will allow students to be productive in the learning environment
with minimum interruptions. Transitioning for some students is fairly
hard. Some periods of the day they are very physical and ask children
to constantly move. Then they must move into classes where teachers
require more structure and discipline. This opportunity has allowed
me to understand from the student’s perspective. I think that
adolescents will be adolescents, but this is a time for them to learn
how to adapt to their surroundings and make wise choices. I believe
that we as teachers should not make excuses for the behavior of
children, but should be knowledgeable of the obstacles that they face

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