Report Outlining Requirements for a Counseling Service Essay

Report Outlining Requirements for a Counseling Service Essay

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Report Outlining Requirements for a Counseling Service You have been asked to prepare a report outlining the requirements for
a counselling service to be set up in an agency of your choice e.g. a
doctor’s surgery, welfare advice unit, or community support agency.
Prepare the outline of such a report, stating what you think are the
essential issues that will need to be considered, include some advice
about any potential ethical issues that may arise.

Owns and shows the importance of casework and managerial supervision.

Casework supervision will involve the counsellor’s issues with their
individual clients and should offer, when done correctly, safety,
accountability, exploration and support. The hope being that the
counsellor will feel comfortable to talk about any client issues they
have with the supervisor. This should reflect the relationship that
the counsellor has with their client, in that the core conditions
should be in place, and that the supervisor is not there to offer
advice and that the sessions should be non-directive. If this is in
place then the counsellor should develop professionally and become
more competent. However, supervision can also go wrong; the client is
not there during supervision and the supervisor has only the
supervisee’s opinions and understanding of the client to work with
this can lead to collusion and misinterpretations. In addition, there
is no guarantee that the supervisor and supervisee will even be
compatible and t...

... middle of paper ...

...h the counsellor is capable of dealing with their workload and
that the client is not suffering because the counsellor cannot cope
with their clients.

This evaluation will be formally with the manager of the agency but it
is expected that the counsellor will be evaluating their casework as
an on going process. A counsellor needs to be constantly aware of
their fitness to practice and how their own issues can affect the
relationship with the client. If home life starts to affect the client
then the counsellor will need to discuss this with both the manager
and the supervisor. However only the counsellor really knows if their
casework is getting to be too much and can evaluate the situation.
Therefore it is important that a counsellor is always checking within
themselves to be sure that they are ok with their casework.

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