Urban Growth Case Study Essay

Urban Growth Case Study Essay

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Urban Growth Case Study

Newcastle was named after the Norman castle built in 1080 by Robert
Curthose, who was the eldest son of William the Conquerer. But before
that it was not called Newcastle. Its existence was first recorded
around the first century AD, when the main island of the British Isles
was part of the Roman Empire. The Romans realised that they had to
control the crossing of the Tyne. And so they built a fort on the
north side of the Tyne, and a bridge to link it to supplies and
reinforcements in the south. The bridge was built around 120 AD and
the Romans called the bridgehead, Pons Aelii. In the 17th century the
discovery of coal started the glass industry. There were also local
salt deposits and local people were also involved in the manufacture
of soap. Coal, salt, soap and glass were transported from the town by
boat and by the beginning of the 18th century Newcastle was the most
important town in the North East. Engineers such as William Hedley,
George Stephenson and Timothy Hackworth worked in local collieries
experimenting with locomotive transport. In 1823 Edward Pease joined
with George Stephenson and his son Robert Stephenson, to form a
company to make the locomotives. The Robert Stephenson & Company, at
Forth Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, became the world's first locomotive
builder. The development of the train was a major help to the growth
of Newcastle.

Gateshead Quays is the historic heart of Gateshead. Gateshead Quays
was a prosperous settlement in the Roman Times, and during the
Industrial Revolution and Victorian Era it became one of the focal
points for indust...

... middle of paper ...

...ianised city centre meaning
that only pedestrians can enter the city centre and this also reduces
pollution and overcrowding. Cambridge has introduced a Park and Ride
scheme to try to get car owners to park their cars outside the city
centre and take the buses instead. People are willing to take the bus
because it is an effective system and has buses daily and also there
are routes, which are bus only or have a bus lane meaning that
travelling by bus may be a lot faster than a car.

Have they worked?

The solutions have worked in reducing the traffic and congestion
levels in the Newcastle City Centre. The traffic and pollution levels
are decreasing although the council plans to make further plans to
decrease the pollution and other problems however the policies up and
running are making a difference to Newcastle.

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