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For Whom the Bell Tolls

The apocalypse. That’s what they called it. That’s what it was. No one
knows how it happened, or why. It just did. The apocalypse.

The principality of Kotor where the ones said to have started it.
Well, so say the rumours. But they’re believable. Though, no ones
really sure.

They had been trying to control everything on the planet ever since
they came into power; but the Earth Alliance thought their ways too
destructive and violent. They were. Drastic action, according to the
Alliance, had to be taken. It never was. Never had a chance to be. The
battle was over before it began. Well, not completely. The Alliance
still had some strength…

Somewhere in the Philippines, a small base, to fit about one hundred
men sits high in the mountains…

All that is seen through the trees is a small, what seems to be,
ordinary cabin. Closer to it and behind, is a very hidden ditch,
completely invisible to those who don’t know of it. Three thousand-two
hundred metres across. In the ditch, sits this base. A tall grey,
metallic building, with radar domes on the rooftop, and what looks to
be a viewing area, a lookout point as it were. The cabin is placed in
front of the ditch, so anyone coming along the path wouldn’t think
otherwise. But to seasoned professionals, a doorway to all the guns
and ammo a man, or woman for that matter, could ever want.

Inside, through the doorway, a large metal hall, filled with tables
and chairs, a map, and a digital space chart. These were a few
expensive “luxuries” as it were. Well, expensive for the Alliance.
They weren’t too well off when it came to money; when the Principality

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... this. About the mutation, about Big Ben.

But Shinkai was still confused. “But why thirteen? Its onl…”

“Thirteen? Because the last chime was for me. It didn’t come from Big
Ben. I don’t know where it came from, but it was for me… it is my

“You’re not dying are you? Are you?” he was getting extremely worried.

“No, I’m not dying. I cant. I am already dead…”

Before his eyes, Shinkai saw his best friend go from a fairly active
being, to a limp dummy.

He stared. Stared at his best friend. He put down his body, and left.

Shinkai bumped into James again along the way.

“Well?” James asked. “What did he tell you?”

“He…He…” Shinkai was trying to answer, with tears flooding his face.
He found it almost impossible, but was able to in the end.

“He…told me, for whom…the bell tolls…”

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