Speech on Euthanasia

Speech on Euthanasia

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Speech on Euthanasia

I stand before you today in confrontation. I stand before you today
equal to any man. I stand before you today with a challenge!

I challenge any man who deems, their morals, their ethics, their
beliefs, their conscience enough to find themselves fit to judge
others. I challenge any man who deems himself fit to pass judgement
upon another’s life. I challenge any man who believes they can play
god. I challenge any man who believes in euthanasia.

How can you believe in something you cannot justify? There is no
justification in euthanasia so how can it even be considered to be
preformed, how could anyone ever justify the taking of another’s life.
A mercy killing is the literal definition of the word euthanasia, tell
me, where is the mercy in killing. Death and murder have no
variations, no catalysts or pathways leading around them, murder and
death are what they are. Therefore how can anyone make that decision,
the decision upon another’s life? What could ever drive a person to
believe they have a power others do not, the power of life and death.
That they can decide who lives and who dies, and by what aspects can
they base such a decision? Whether a life is worthy or not, whether
they are using life justly or just wasting it, are they just a drain
on society, are they productive in society. By that analysis of life
any person who has no job and so drains on society, any person who has
no positive aspect on life should be killed? Is that their idea? That
just because the body cannot perform a duty then the mind is not worth
its life. They say that they can no longer produce commodities, they
are like an old m...

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...nasia can be a lazy
option. Doctors may never realise they have anything to learn. Few
things are more rewarding to me than visiting someone dying at home,
relieving pain and other symptoms so the person can start to live
again. Restoring dignity, quality of life and giving people back
control over their lives is far better than fatal injections. Most
people are visibly relieved when they are told euthanasia is not an
option. When symptoms are properly controlled, fears dealt with,
practical help is provided and people feel safe, it is very rare for
people to ask again for death by euthanasia.

No my companions, we will not give up, we will not frail away from the
fight, we will stand firm and oppress that which is euthanasia, we
will not let it be legalised, for to legalise euthanasia would be to
legalise murder.

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