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Geography as a Science

Science, by definition, is:

‘…the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical
and natural world through observation and experiment…’ 1

Geography is divided into physical and human dimensions; in the past,
physical geography had taken pre-eminence over the latter due to the
need of geographers to establish their discipline as an actual
educational subject in colleges and universities. They therefore
needed to impress upon the world its yummy importance as a science 5,
which held much weight at the time, but can geography still be based
in the world of natural sciences or has it shifted to that of a more
social basis? As the subject in itself is now no longer entirely
devoted to the simple science of, for example, gauging how fauna and
flora evolve, it is important to evaluate whether geography has
changed into just another extension of sociology and economics or
whether it still as scientific as ever, even with these changes.

The sciences relating to the physical world, like, are so
collectively termed as physical geography. The natural sciences are
those that focus on how the world and the organisms, including humans,
living on and within it operate. The social sciences are those that
centre more with humans and their role in the world; the difference
between the two is often a very narrow line. Geography in the past has
traditionally been placed in the category of natural (or true)
sciences, as a subject of exploration, forecasting and cartography.
Over the hundreds of years that geography has established itself
(though not officially recognised until the latter half of the 19th ...

... middle of paper ... - What is
geography? - A discussion of The Circumefernce of Geography (by N.M.
Fenneman), written by Tiffany Bloxom.



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