Women's Values in Past, Present and Future Essays

Women's Values in Past, Present and Future Essays

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Women's Values in Past, Present and Future

In the early 20’s, things like getting married at an early age while
you were still at your prime, building a family, buying a house with a
“white picket fence” were important.

Then in the 30’s, getting married and having a family was still the
most important thing, but also perhaps becoming a socialite and
presenting a good imaging.

*NOTE: It may be important to note that women were always expected to
‘keep up appearances’ or be perfect and project the right image. At
this point, having a career was relatively not important

In the 60’s is when women started getting out there and looking for
jobs. Although having a family/husband was still important, women
started getting jobs.

However, the jobs they were getting were not like the men’s - they
mostly had jobs like secretaries, teachers, nurses (jobs that have
become stereotypical.)

As time progressed, the importance of having a career and being
independent grew among women.

We definitely saw this in the early ‘80’s with women starting to break
into the business world. The importance of this to women was shown in
movies and music of the ‘80s.

Even in fashion, we started seeing women dressing like men - I.e.
blazers, pants instead of skirts, ties…careers, independence, and
equality became even more important.

During the ‘90’s and up until today, women still find family
important, but they recognize that personal stability, independence,
education and your career are #1.

* NOTE - We see this belief in magazines like Cosmopolitan magazine as
images as successful working women are portrayed.

-women don’t car...

... middle of paper ...

...e a comparison of how their roles at home and in
society have changed by revealing women’s changing priorities. Also
through personal accounts, statistics, historical findings from books
and the internet, we will “set the stage”, or describe what was going
on at the time to answer the other questions like the obstacles women
had to overcome ( ie. Unequal pay ), or education and opportunities
(ie. The growth of their opportunities or lack their of.) Our group
decided to answer the question of what women find important to not
only present the project in a more interesting way and not just report
the information, but to make it more personal. So far, we have had
success in our change in organization for we are finding it much
easier to systematize the information and that is, in turn, making our
assignment all the better.

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