Essay on The Political System of Scotland

Essay on The Political System of Scotland

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The Political System of Scotland Unlike Wales, which was subdued by conquest in the thirteenth century,
Scotland was never permanently incorporated into the United Kingdom by
force of arms. In 1603 the succession of James I to the throne of
England united the crowns of England and Scotland. However, the union
was only a personal one and Scotland retained its own political and
legal system and its own church. In this essay I will explain the
distinctive features of the Scottish political system, describe the
voting behaviour in Scotland and the future constitutional
relationship between Scotland and Westminster.

The establishment of a common Parliament occurred as a result of the
Treaty of Union of union of 1707, whereby the Scots gained political
representation at Westminster but were guaranteed that certain
features of their administrative system would remain inviolate and
Scotland would retain for all time key institutions. The legal
system, Church of Scotland, Education System and Royal Burghs.

Nationalism is an important element in Scottish politics. This
reflects the belief in the nation being a group of people with shared
values, customs, language, history and traditions. Nationalism as a
concept is a political doctrine believing in the idea that the nation
is the central principle for political organisation. Patriotism is
different from nationalism and can be classed as “cultural”
nationalism” in which there is a desire to maintain a distincti...

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