The Problem of Knowledge Due to Language Essays

The Problem of Knowledge Due to Language Essays

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The Problem of Knowledge Due to Language

Language is defined as a collection of agreed symbols or signs that
communicate/transfer ideas, knowledge, emotion, factual, and abstract
between beings (senders and receivers). This enables each being to
interact with others efficiently. It also enhances knowledge in
various ways. Language is a contraction of ideas, which is in the form
that can be conveniently exposed to other beings. Each group of people
develop their own language to serve their use. In all kinds of
socialisation, language is the main tool that is used to expose
sentiments. In society, people use language, includes both spoken and
non-spoken language, to convey, comprehend, and exchange information.
Nevertheless, since we use language to express our knowledge, ideas
and thoughts, limitation of language may arise in many areas of
knowledge, such as human science and natural sciences.

Many areas of knowledge rely very much to support itÂ’s claims of
knowledge. Knowledge can hardly be expressed without language. In many
aspects, language can obscure and confuse knowledge. A
miscommunication can occur when we use different languages since
meaning of words can sometimes be confusing through insufficiently
translation: สาร (san) in Thai is a specialized chemistry word which
means ‘substances’. This word, however, according to Thai dictionary,
it generally means ‘a large elephant’.

‘The limit of my language stands for the limits of my world’

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Natural Science such as Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Biology and
Botany, is the study of the physical world. What makes Natural Science

... middle of paper ...

...lems of knowledge can be minimised as it can be a serious
problem. On the other hand, all mankind relies very much on language
in order to communicate express ideas and most significantly gain
knowledge. Thus, language is still a significant means of
communication; and without knowledge, it is probably reasonable to say
that , we are unable to gain any knowledge.


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