The Scope of Optometry Essay

The Scope of Optometry Essay

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The Scope of Optometry

The practice of Optometry is the examination, diagnosis, measurement
and treatment of the ocular health of the human eye and includes, but
is not limited to:

• the examination of the human eye by any method, other than surgery,
to diagnose and to treat or to refer for consultation or treatment any
abnormal condition of the eye and adnexa and to co-manage along with
physicians and other professionals the ocular well-being of the

• the employment of instruments, devices, test lenses, or any
refractive procedures, automated or otherwise, pharmaceutical agents
and procedures intended for the investigating, measuring, examining,
treating, diagnosing or correcting of visual defects or abnormal
conditions of the human eye or its adnexa as may be authorized by the
provincial licensing authority;

• the prescribing of pharmaceutical agents, corrective lenses, devices
containing lenses, prisms, contact lenses, orthoptics, vision therapy,
and prosthetic devices to correct, relieve or treat defects or
conditions of the human eye or its adnexa;

• the fitting and application of lenses, devices containing lenses,
prisms, contact lenses, pharmaceutical agents and prosthetic devices
intended to be placed directly upon or in contact with the tissues of
the human eye or adnexa;

• the prescription, supervision and management of regimes of therapy
for the improvement or monitoring of the visual health or function of

• the diagnosis and treatment of the occupational and sports vision
needs of patients.

Optometrists are primary health care providers who diagnose and treat
ocular heal...

... middle of paper ... and
associated structures. Optometrists, as primary health care
practitioners, are trained to take an active role in the management of
vision and eye health problems. Co-management with the primary care
physician will allow early diagnosis, treatment, or stabilization of
patients. Secondary care can then be obtained as required.

The role of today’s optometrists has expanded to include a wide range
of services which include but are not limited to the following areas:
spectacle therapy, contact lenses, children’s vision, geriatric
vision, low vision, occupational vision, binocular vision, sports
vision, anterior segment eye disease and follow up care for laser
refractive eye surgery. As new technologies emerge in the field of
vision and eye health care, Optometry will continue to keep pace with
new developments.

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