Essay on Soviet Union's Presence in Eastern Europe

Essay on Soviet Union's Presence in Eastern Europe

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Soviet Union's Presence in Eastern Europe

This paper will introduce the development of Soviet internationalism
alongside the development of Soviet interests in Eastern Europe. It
will be argued that the Soviet interests which developed out of the
Wars became fixed alongside the ideology behind internationalism. The
legacy of Stalinism influenced the development of Soviet policy toward
Eastern Europe and Soviet internationalism and the Cold war meant that
the Soviet presence in Eastern Europe would persist until Gorbachev.
The Soviets could not consider withdrawing from Eastern Europe so long
as they were governed by an ideology which viewed the world as two
distinct and opposing camps.

The development and persistence of Soviet Internationalism

Soviet interests in Eastern Europe developed through its desire to end
strategic vulnerabilities Russia had endured since Napoleon. The ease
of access to the heartlands of Russia through Eastern Europe meant
that the Russian strategic meant that the Russian strategic focus lay
on securing themselves against the kind of attacks they suffered
during the First World War and The Second World War. The Second World
War provided the Soviet Union an opportunity to end another strategic
frailty-access to warm seas. According to D’Encausse, “throughout its
history as a continental power, Russia has dreamed of an opening to
the sea and has battled to reach that goal” (D’Encausse, H, 1987, pg.
3). The Soviet Union had grown powerful toward the end of the Second
World War with its military straddling much of Eastern Europe. If the
Soviet Union had entered the Second World War defending communism,

... middle of paper ...

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