Alienation in King Lear and The Jew of Malta Essay

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Alienation in King Lear and The Jew of Malta

During one time or another, every individual has experienced
Alienation. Whether it is with family members, in our society, in our
religion, in our educational institution and even in politics: “The
most common form of alienation is the physical and cultural kind
experiencing "foreignness" or "culture shock." This is also the kind
of alienation that is most easily understood; however, when one feels
alienated in one's own home, society, religion, or culture, it is more
difficult to rationalize or understand that feeling of not belonging.”
Alienation has been defined as when someone does not feel that he or
she belongs to certain group or job…. One of the great thinkers whose
theory about the “Alienation effect” which has had a great impact on
the works of literature is Brecht.

Brecht’s theory originated from the Russian and Chinese theaters where
he obtained “some of his basic concepts of staging and theatrical
stylization.” He had a concept of the “Verfremdungseffekt, or V-Effekt
(sometimes translated as 'alienation effect') centered on the idea of
'making strange' and thereby making poetic.” He meant to remove
feelings out of the production and to make the spectators detach
themselves from the “make believe characters and make the actors to
dissociate from their roles. Then the political truth would be easier
to comprehend. Once he said: "Nothing is more important than learning
to think crudely. Crude thinking is the thinking of great men.” His
thoughts has revolutioned the world of theatre where his theme of
alienation has been used by play writers to give more effect to their

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...wn the road of evil and moral alienation instead of redemption.
He does not feel the need to make himself more trustworthy and a
better person and instead of trying to show to the audience that he
can be good and that they treating him as an alien is wrong, he feels
enraged and commits crimes.


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