Analysis of the Use of Mise en Scene in Blade Runner Essay

Analysis of the Use of Mise en Scene in Blade Runner Essay

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Analysis of the Use of Mise en Scene in Blade Runner Early in the 21st century, the Tyrell Corporation, advanced robot
evolution into the nexus phase - a being virtually identical to a
human - known as a replicant. These replicants had superior strength
and quality, they were used off-world as slave labour in a
colonization of other planets. However they still only have a four
year life span and have no feelings and emotions. They were treated
almost like robots and “coffee making machines, as they were slaves.”
After a bloody mutiny in an off world colony, Replicants were declared
illegal on earth, under the penalty of death. Special police squads
known as Blade Runner Units had the job to kill any trespassing

Rick Deckard (played by Harrison Ford), ex-cop, ex-Blade Runner, and
ex-killer, is forced by the police boss to return to his former
profession of Replicant Hunter (Blade Runner.)

He is assigned to eliminate four Replicants who fled the slavery of
the colonies and came to Earth. Before starting the job Deckard visits
the Tyrell Corporation where he meets Rachel, a “Replicant” girl
created as an experiment, with whom he falls in love with.

After some investigations, he is able to discover the first of the
four Replicants, Zhora. There starts a relentless pursuit through the
streets of the Metropolis in which Deckard succeeds in eliminating
Zhora but is himself attacked by another of the replicants, Leon. Just
as Deckard is about to be killed, Rachel intervenes...

... middle of paper ...

...e going off, adverts and the little voices
always taking place. The most diagetic sound comes from the
overlapping all the cultural languages from the different
nationalities, it can be heard most in the whole film.

In the concluding contemplation of the whole use of Misen Scène to
create an effective atmosphere in Blade Runner, I would say, observing
the use of streets, buildings, costumes, sounds and lighting are
successful in creating an overall effective atmosphere in the story of
Blade Runner. Ridley Scott has added and removed the correct sets of
the film, although the lighting could be slightly improved there is
still an effective use of Misen Scène throughout Blade Runner. The
atmosphere created is of a mystical kind, making people want to view
on into the fantasy world of a Deckard or any other Blade Runner!

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