Questionairre Results Analysis Essay

Questionairre Results Analysis Essay

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Questionairre Results Analysis

The questionnaire was also designed for two sets of age groups : age
15- 30 and age 30+ however when I calculated my results I realised
that theses two age groups had similar opinions.

I distributed my questionnaire according to the age group, I did not
however, Distribute them to any type of job category as I wanted to
keep my results simple. I disturbed them to a wide variety of people
including students, pensioners, working people etc.. and did not take
there job type into consideration which looking at my results.

My results were as follows;

Q1. There is an increase in the need for fuel, housing, energy and
agricultural land in Ireland which is contributing to a decrease of
peat lands. Nevertheless, because these peat lands are a unique
environment we should try to protect them. Please tick.

Age 15-30

Strongly agree- 19 Agree- 45 Disagree-1 Strongly disagree- 0

Age 30+

Strongly agree- 14/33 Agree- 27/72 Disagree- 4/5 Strongly disagree- 0


Total = 110 people.

Out of a total of 110 people who answered, in both age groups, 72
people, over 50% , agreed that we should try to protect them because
of their unique environment.

33 strongly agreed, only 5 disagreed and 0 people strongly disagreed..

This shows that the majority of all age groups understand the increase
in the need for fuel, housing, energy and agricultural land in Ireland.
However they also know that this need is contributing to a decrease of
peat lands and that they should be protected.

Q2. There are many ways in which our peat lands are being damaged. In
your opinio...

... middle of paper ...

... Irelands peatlands are scientifically interesting and educationally
important. When there is effective protection for a representative
selection the three major types (fens, raised bogs, and blanket bogss)
these conservation areas will be a resource that will continue to
provide sites for scientific study and for educational purposes. As a
major component of the islands remaining wild landscape, these
peatlands will provide a great source of pride and aesthetic pleasure
for generations to come and for visitors from across the world.




Wetlands of Ireland (distribution, eclgy ,uses and economic value)
University College Press Dublin

Towards A Conservation Stratedy for the bogs of Ireland (IPCC) 1998

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