The Effect of Electronics on Communication Essay

The Effect of Electronics on Communication Essay

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The Effect of Electronics on Communication

Electronics has played a major part in communication and the
developments of it. The first ways of communication not by just
talking were the uses of cans and a piece of string. This worked by
the vibrations of the voice vibrating down the string and into the
other person’s can. The next major development was the invention of
telephones. The first telephones were large and ugly with large
numbers and were difficult to hear, and the switchboards were done
manually by women and children. The next part of communication was the
internet. This was first brought into use by the armies who wanted to
move data from one computer to the other without the use of disks etc.
Next was the mobile computer, or the laptop. The first model of these
has a small screen which was black and white and was very slow and
also expensive. They were only really used by businessmen and rich
people. Now they have changed and have large colour screens and are of
comparison in speed to that of desktop computers. The next development
was that of mobile phones. It was at first thought never to take off
with the large models, which needed a long charge for not much talk
time. This changed when the phones which looked good and were small
were introduced. Also the idea of text messaging took off with many
people using it.

Recent developments in electronics in communication have been that of
smartphones which have tried to incorporate a phone, a camera, a video
recorder, a planner, a games console and a computer all into one.
These are good in theory but normally when all these features are
packed into a phone, the phone i...

... middle of paper ...

... The negative part of programs such as
KaZaA and eDonkey is that they are being used to transfer files such
as music, films and software costing the companies that produce the
media millions. Broadband is also helping the file sharers as with
standard 512k/s broadband they can download nearly 10 times as much
data as a 56k/s dial-up connection. Also the compression codecs for
movies and music means that they can be made a lot smaller with the
same high quality being preserved. However some record companies have
been releasing “fake” music files into the sharing domain. Normally
these are 30 seconds of the song, which then fade into nothing for the
rest of the song. Other companies, for one Madonna’s have released her
swearing and screaming about how she hates file sharers and how they
are costing the industry millions.

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