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Green Management Assume you are the Green Manager of a government department e.g.
Environmental Protection Department, Drainage Services Department or
Housing Department, formulate an action plan for green management in
our headquarters and branch offices. Your action plan should be
concise and realistic, understood by junior workers and useful for
all-staff participation. Limit your answer to not more than 4 pages.
Bullet point style is allowable. (You may access to the web site of to understand the detailed operation of
various government departments)


The Immigration Department is playing an important role in various
area, including fight immigration-related crimes, issues entry visas,
travel document, identity cards, and performs registration of births,
deaths and marriage, and immigration control at the entry points to
the Hong Kong Special Administrative Regions.

To ensuring that all the services delivered by the department and
internal operations are conducted in a manner that conformed to
environmental protection principles and practices, therefore we have a
list of action to do for reach the target.

In our Environmental Management System, the first priority is waste
avoidance that is not producing the waste in the place. If waste
production is unavoidance, the quantities should be minimized. Then
the priority is to maximize recovery, reuse and recycling of suitable
waste material...

... middle of paper ...

...rculate regularly to remind staff of good green management practice.

Finally, to maintain an on-going effort, environmental audit will
carry out to promote staff awareness in waste minimization and economy
in the use of energy. Moreover, we also require contractors to do
environment protection, and encourage business to adopt EMS. We
encourage the promotion of the environmental awareness, enhancement of
environmental competence and fostering of environmental ethics
throughout the department. We should implement of EMS for all
activities and services, including purchasing equipment and tools. Our
staff will be allocated for training on environmental issues and we
should always have regular review to be carried out the management




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