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Exploring Fantasy Films ‘One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring
them all and in the darkness bind them’. This line sounds
stereotypically from a fantasy film, and it would perhaps not fit in
to other genres such as comedy or romance. Fantasy films often take us
in to a different world and away from the imperfections of our normal
life, they are a great contrast to our lives, in fantasy films things
are always extremes, either great things are happening, or extremely
bad things are occurring; whereas for the everyday person, such things
rarely happen and life is just monotonous. To be taken in to a life of
someone else’s with unbelievable things happening to them is an
excitement and people enjoy being taken from their world and being
placed in a dream place, where everything is perfect.
Films of the fantasy genre are mainly based on popular myths and
legends, characters are things like dragons, wizards, elves, dwarves –
all things we have heard stories about. Films stretch these myths and
bring them to life; they often bring back elements of our childhood
and will therefore entertain us even more. Settings, characters,
events, music, endings and dialogue all contribute to us experiencing
these things. Also, these certain things in a film will be very
typical of the particular genre, some styles of music and characters
will only fit in one genre, and some genres will only have certain
music and characters.


... middle of paper ...

...always some films in the genre that don’t follow them quite so well;
they will always have various aspects of it, but wont be as

Films use many techniques to get the audience engaged in the film and
feeling catharsis. The Settings, characters, events, music, ending and
dialogue all contribute towards the emotions we feel when watching a
film. If the events are sad, we feel sad. Most of these things in a
film are unbelievable and incredible, this takes the audience more in
to the world of the film, as it isn’t something anyone would see in
reality, it also entertains and takes someone out of their every day
life. The settings, characters, events etc. all reflect each other and
work together to make us feel the emotions that the director of the
film wants us to feel at the particular moment in the movie.

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