Techniques to Improve Recruiting and Interviewing Practises by Managers Essay

Techniques to Improve Recruiting and Interviewing Practises by Managers Essay

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Techniques to Improve Recruiting and Interviewing Practises by Managers

Recruitment and selection have always been critical processes for
organisations. In recent years, there has been growing evidence that
the formation of positive psychological contract with employees
provides the basis for a positive outcome in terms of organisational
commitment and motivation. Recruitment and selection are vital stages
in the formation of the expectations that form such a contract, on
which, with an emphasis on a two way flow of communication, employees
select an organisation and the work on offer as much as employers
select employees. Thus employers need to see the attraction and
retention of employees as part of the evolving employment
relationship, based on mutual and reciprocal understanding of
expectations, as well as an attempt to predict how a potential
employee might behave in the future and make a contribution to the
organisations recruitments. Many approaches to recruitment and
selection tend, however, to emphasise the power of employers. For
example, traditional methods attempt to attract a wide choice of
candidates for vacancies before screening out those who do not match
the criteria set in job descriptions and personnel specifications.

There are now wide variations in recruitment and selection practises,
reflecting an organisations strategy and its philosophy towards the
management of people. Employees seen as part of the primary internal
market become the focus for the ‘bundle’ of human resources practises
intended to bring about increased motivation, an increased acceptance
of responsibility, deepened skills and greater commit...

... middle of paper ...

...asant atmosphere. During the interview, it is also important
for the interviewer to retain and interpret the information collected.
Interviewers may have a poor recall of information unless guides are
used and notes made. Interviewers have difficulty in interpreting

As you can see, there are several techniques an interviewer must
consider when conducting an interview. To be successful and recruit
the right sort of employee’s, the interviewer must use these
techniques accordingly to obtain the best information from the
interview and therefore generating a strong, competent work force.

Managers can also improve their recruiting techniques by carrying out
simple practises, as already stated.


Bratton and Gold, Human Resource Management, Theory and Practise. 3rd
Edition 2003, London

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